June 25, 2017 Matthew Kline Kader was challenged by UFC 135lb champion Cody Garbrandt and was invited for a fight to Sacramento California to Urijah Faber’s Ultimate fitness. (WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE FULL STORY!) This individual did not know Matthew Kline Kader’s fight history and mentality. He didn’t know that Matthew Kline Kader backs down from no man. This individual thought he was going to punk Matthew Kline Kader by sending his gym address and that the king wouldn’t show up. You can see that Matthew Kline Kader sent his flight confirmation the same day that he was challenged and that Cody Garbrandt continued to repeat that “Everyone knows southwest airlines allow people to cancel their flights” He still doubted Matthew Kline Kader would show up and when he did Cody Garbrandt knew he FUCKED UP. Listen. Let’s keep it real I am 6’0 and my weight fluctuates from 180-195lbs I have a striking background, I have height, I have reach, I have power and I have size advantage. Would he fight me in the UFC at 135 with all the rules, YES he would. Absolutely. But fighting someone like me in the streets is not something you want to do. I was posting snap chats all morning with updates on my where about’s. The second I showed up the coward took off and sent two teammates to come at me from behind in the parking lot.  After his cowardly antics I told Garbrandt that he would never have an opportunity to fight me again but then I immediately rescinded my statement and I invited him to my city for a fight with security to ensure it was just me and him. Mr. Garbrandt never accepted my challenge and NEVER will. Cody No Guts Garbrandt will forever be known as the UFC champion that was defeated by Matthew Kline Kader on June 25, 2017 people would have respected him more to take the knockout loss instead of being a coward and running away. Watch the full video above for the facts, story, tweets directly from Garbrandt with time stamps which prove he did NOT want to fight the Real World Champion Matthew Kline Kader.